Root Canal Therapy in Carol Stream

A tooth consists of 3 main layers. The outer layer, enamel, a middle layer, dentin and an inner layer called the pulp. The pulp chamber is where the blood vessels and nerves of your tooth reside. Smaller cavities generally stay confined to the enamel or dentin and can be filled as usual. However, when a cavity gets big enough to reach the pulp, or nerve of your tooth, it can cause the pulp to either become inflamed or infected. These teeth may require root canal therapy in order to be saved.

Signs that root canal therapy may be indicated:

  1. A tooth that is very sensitive to hot or cold
  2. Swollen gums around tooth or development of an abscess or bump around the gums
  3. Discoloration of tooth structure
  4. Pain in your tooth that wakes you up at night

Though the procedure may sound daunting and scary, the majority of patients do not feel anything during the entirety of the procedure under local anesthesia. The procedure involves the doctor cleaning out the pulp and filling it with a long-lasting biocompatible material that allows the infection to resolve. In many cases, a tooth with a completed root canal will also require a post and core covered with a porcelain crown. During your visit, your doctor will evaluate your tooth both clinically and radiographically to decide whether root canal therapy is indicated.

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